Waterlooville vicar is dismayed over decision to ban Lord’s Prayer advert

Fr Mike Sheffield
Fr Mike Sheffield
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A VICAR has called for cinemas to reverse a decision to not show an advert featuring the Lord’s Prayer.

Father Mike Sheffield, from St George’s Church in Waterlooville, has been left bewildered by the refusal of leading UK cinemas to show a 60-second advert featuring the Christian prayer.

He said: ‘In a predominately Christian country, with a long tradition of Christian teaching and Christian morals, we seem to have reached the stage when reciting that most famous and widely used prayer – the Lord’s Prayer, is offensive – or worse really, it may be offensive even when nobody has claimed that they have been offended.

‘This is really a wake-up call and a challenge to us all – Christians and non-Christians alike.

‘Things like the rise of Halloween, Good Friday becoming Bank Holiday Friday, the movement to make Sunday just like any other shopping day, the whole debacle about prayers being said at council meetings, and charities refusing to put Christian pictures on their cards – the list goes on and on.’

And he added: ‘Whether you are a Christian or not, make your feelings known about the Lord’s Prayer ad. Ask for religious stamps when you buy yours for Christmas. If it’s not too late, buy religious cards and even, dare I say it, ask for a religious Advent calendar.

‘We’ve been too quiet, too conciliatory. Let this attack on Christianity be our chance to stand up for Christ.’