’We are making sure everyone is safe and happy on the water’

EXCITED Ali Beckett is the information officer for Chichester Harbour
EXCITED Ali Beckett is the information officer for Chichester Harbour
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AT last! Boats are back on their moorings, racing is in full swing and the harbour is buzzing again with what it does best – providing some of the finest sailing waters in the UK.

All this keeps our harbour patrol team busy making sure everyone is safe and happy out on the water.

This summer they are focusing on a couple of key safety issues.

The messages are crucial not only for the novice but also for those with many years of sailing under their belt.

The golden rule of ‘wear a lifejacket at all times’ is still not observed by everyone.

Just recently an incident brought home the importance of this message when a boat owner was out in his tender.

He recounts: ‘A combination of a strong wind gust and the ebbing spring tide pushed my GRP tender onto a mooring buoy, and promptly began to ship water over the quarter.

‘The strength of the tide meant that I was not able to right the tender, and much to my surprise, it rapidly began to sink. I am glad to say that I was wearing my lifejacket, which I inflated. I was able to swim ashore.’

This message, in addition to the national call for all powerboat users to wear a ‘kill cord’, will be reinforced throughout the season at Chichester Harbour.

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