‘We are not totally against solar farm plans – however...’

ENERGY Proposals for solar farms in the area have been met with mixed responses
ENERGY Proposals for solar farms in the area have been met with mixed responses
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WE READ with interest the report in The News that the solar farm in between Fareham and Gosport is due back before planning officers at Fareham Borough Council tomorrow.

The report said that it didn’t conflict with the Stubbington bypass routes.

The Fareham Society would like to point out that the blue route crosses the proposed site.

The bypass consultation is only in its early stages so we think this renders the present solar farm application premature. How can this be reconciled in planning terms?

We have been monitoring this solar farm application since it came in.

The Fareham Society is concerned about the possible prematurity of this application and the conflict of land use. To be fair to the solar farm company, its application was in before the bypass plans even existed.

The removal of one of the major options in the consultation for the bypass is unacceptable.

However, we are not totally against the solar farm.

One of our objections at the start was because of its size. Now that it has been reduced it makes it more acceptable.

The promise of some funding for a community project is also welcomed, which should be made a firm commitment in the planning permission, if granted.

The Stubbington bypass conflict is the main concern which needs to be resolved before a decision can be made. We raised the issue because of this conflict.

In the council’s report, it says we find out at the special planning meeting tomorrow how this will be resolved.

We are keen to hear how this can be reconciled in planning terms.