‘We are so lucky to have NHS staff like those at QA hospital’

PRAISE Jan and Dave Blackwood
PRAISE Jan and Dave Blackwood
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Recently my husband and I had to be taken to the A&E department at Queen Alexandra Hospital in Cosham.

Dave, my husband, was taken by ambulance with suspected adhesions.

The ambulance crew were brilliant, in their assessment and caring attitude.

On arrival he was seen by the A&E nurse and consultant and admitted to the surgical assessment unit. Fortunately he was allowed home later that day.

A few weeks later my husband took me to A&E.

From the time of arrival, all of the staff involved were fantastic and calming in their approach.

Everything, including the ECG scan, chest X-ray and blood pressure, were performed efficiently.

Although the waiting time to get to outpatients was three hours, this was understandable when the number of patients was taken into account along with the detailed examination carried out on each patient.

How the staff cope with those members of the public who basically abuse the system, I do not know.

And from mentally ill people arriving with their world in carrier bags to drunks refusing to behave themselves, the medical staff coped with situations we would consider out of the ordinary, responding in a manner which suggests it was an everyday occurrence.

My care continued overnight until I was discharged the following morning.

We’re so lucky to have NHS staff like those at QA.

They don’t appear to get a breather and as far as we are concerned, they deserve praise of the highest standard. While there may be faults with overall management of the NHS, the staff at the ‘coal-face’ do a wonderful job.