‘We can’t protect the strategic gap if plans are approved’

GREEN FEARS Julie Harding is worried about plans for the solar farm in Stubbington
GREEN FEARS Julie Harding is worried about plans for the solar farm in Stubbington

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IT’S good news that the solar farm is half the size of the last proposal, but what is to stop them putting in another proposal to double the size once this one has been built?

How easy is it going to be to defend our strategic gap once we have already blighted it with solar panels?

Once again Vogt Solar Ltd quoted the misconception that if the solar panels are built there it prevents housing; as this is strategic gap, housing is not even a consideration, and therefore NOT an argument in favour of the solar panels.

It’s just scaremongering in favour of commercial profits for the German solar company.

I would have thought Daedalus Airfield would still have concerns over building solar panels here as it is used as an emergency landing strip, as do the Canada geese, which land on Newlands Farm on an annual basis.

I hope Natural England will be consulted and a more thorough piece of research carried out.

Unfortunately, as this seems to be rushed through again, a year-long study of the site will not have been conducted, so how can they possibly know the extent of the wildlife they will harm?

How much more wildlife must be killed or displaced in the name of ‘green’ energy?

All in all, while the smaller scale proposal (although still a huge 28 hectares) is an improvement, there are still too many negatives to outweigh the benefits.

I understand we have to contribute to the government’s targets for green energy, but why not put panels on all offices and commercial businesses rather than ruin our green and pleasant land?