‘We decided on a change of pace and more took part’

TEAM Jackie Maffin with the 'Whiteley Women 2013' who took part in the Race for Life
TEAM Jackie Maffin with the 'Whiteley Women 2013' who took part in the Race for Life

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TAKING part in a 5km walk was a challenge but we all finished, even those fighting cancer themselves.

On Sunday, July 21, a group of 16 of my colleagues and I took part in Cancer Research UK’s Race for Life in Portsmouth.

For the last six years, several of us have run it, but I have developed shin splints so we decided on a change of pace. We decided to walk it instead, as running has become too painful.

Because of this, more of us decided to do it. When we put the team together, we ended up with the biggest turnout ever.

We also changed the venue as we usually do it in Southampton but thought this time we would do the Portsmouth seafront race.

To stand out in the crowd, we each decorated our own personalised straw hat for the race and all wore pink sashes with ‘Whiteley Women 2013’ written on them.

Everyone was happy to be there; we didn’t have to press gang anyone into it.

The charity was particularly important to us as one of our colleagues has been diagnosed with breast cancer, so she was battling cancer on and off the track.

She completed the 5km race, as did a woman who recently had an operation on her knees.

The day of the race was great and the change of venue paid off as the beautiful weather made the walk along the seafront amazing.

The whole day really came together, with the fantastic venue by the sea making it extra special. The decision to walk this year allowed also allowed us to take it all in.

In all, we managed to raise £379 for the charity and had a wonderful day as well.

We are looking forward to doing Race for Life Portsmouth again next year.