‘We get excited when we find out that they have jobs’

TRAINING Sandra Smith at the Kings Theatre is a strong advocate of apprenticeships
TRAINING Sandra Smith at the Kings Theatre is a strong advocate of apprenticeships

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Nowadays, there is little opportunity for young people when it comes to apprenticeships and job prospects at a young age.

It has got better with businesses starting to offer more apprenticeships but there are still too many who need to be given a chance.

At the Kings Theatre, we like to give them the opportunity to not only work on the show side of things but in other departments we have.

They can be trained in marketing, finance, promotion and advertising and the technical parts of the productions.

We think it is important to give them a wide variety so they can do something they enjoy.

Some of them go on to work with us or move on having been helped by the work experience they have done.

We get excited when we find out they have got jobs and it feels good knowing that we have helped that person.

It is just a shame that we are living in difficult times and there are just simply not enough jobs out there.

We also get the young people involved in charity work because we quite often get asked by charities to help them with their fundraising.

It is just as hard for them as it is for young people but we are happy to help them because all charities are helping someone.

It is a good feeling when you hear how much they have raised and it is just lovely that they want us to help them.

We are a charity ourselves but we work with others because at the end of the day, we are working towards similar means.

We just like to give our apprenticeships as much experience as possible in many different fields.