‘We give residents a voice so they can discuss their views’

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THE association gives residents a voice where they can go along and discuss things.

We’ve got councillors and we’re not trying to substitute for them.

But it does give them a place where they can come

I will be devolving work to our committee members as far as I reasonably can.

There’s a danger in trying to keep things too close to your chest.

Our biggest problem is trying to get enough people to help out events – that’s something I’ve been pleading for.

The event we had on the bank holiday Monday, which was a huge success, most of it we combined with three other organisations.

We did struggle to find people to come along on the day to help.

We’re very keen to get more younger people involved.

I think their problem is they’re all bringing up children, they’ve got jobs and they don’t quite have the same amount of time as some of us who are retired.

As for me, I was in the navy, and just before I left I was second in command of Haslar Hospital, slightly unusual for an engineer.

I quite enjoyed getting involved with it and retired from the navy, I went into sheltered housing.

I was chief executive of CESSA Housing Association.

And when I retired from that I was just looking at some way of putting something back into the community.

With my knowledge of hospitals I became a governor at QA Hospital for three years.

At the same time they wanted somebody to do health matters at the association.

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