We invite anybody along – anyone can come and have a go

IN THE SADDLE Darren Fells from Gosport BMX Club
IN THE SADDLE Darren Fells from Gosport BMX Club
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INITIALLY the BMX club was a project with the council, Veolia and Barclay’s Sightsavers.

Between the three of them they sought funding to get the track built at Grange Road in Gosport.

Along with help from a lady from Groundwork Solent, the club was formed in 2006.

We’re now ranked number one in the south and number two nationally.

We’ve obviously got some very good riders.

And the committee structure we’ve got down there means we involve as many people as we can.

We try and make it as open and accessible to everybody.

That’s one of the main reasons, our openness with people.

We invite anybody along, they can come and have a few goes, they get three sessions for free.

We loan out bikes and helmets and we keep the costs down really low, it’s only £2 per session.

For anybody who wants to try it, there are not cost barriers.

Initially I used to race BMX 20-odd years ago.

I was rubbish, I used to come last probably all the time.

I was a nosey parent who saw the track being built and just went over and started asking questions about how I could help out.

I’ve got a son who rides, Jack, 10.

Just being open for everyone, cheap and accessible, means anyone can have a go.

In the summer it picks up and in the winter it dies down a bit and we keep the hardcore riders who we’ve had throughout the year.

I’m actually the vice-chairman of the Solent region and a good proportion, around 40 riders, will compete at regional and national level.