We must stand firm to beat terrorism

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Nations have again stood firmly together in solidarity against the heinous crimes which took place in Paris on Friday.

It is another act of terrorism which killed hundreds and affected many more, left the world in shock and, in many places, despair.

Innocent civilians who were enjoying an evening out were targeted by shooters and suicide bombers. Family lives have been turned upside down as a result of being ambushed in the sickening strategic attack.

The act of terrorism and the presence of Islamic State inevitably appears to be on the rise.

Earlier this year I expressed my reaction to the attack at the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo and spoke of how we will not allow our freedom to speak to be muted.

With nations across Europe on a high security alert, millions walk the streets in fear. Nobody knows where is safe.

Teenagers across the globe are being radicalised and brainwashed to cause incredibly damaging disasters.

And it is a sad fact that many Muslims are now finding themselves at the centre of hatred even though the overwhelming majority are equally disgusted by what has happened.

The world which we live in is a broken place and it is disturbing to understand that particular groups are often influenced by individuals. Terrorism is a sensitive subject, but is something which must be addressed.

Families are being split as sons, husbands, daughters and wives choose to follow these groups.

And it is heart-breaking to imagine, but nevertheless likely to happen, that we will see more attacks on European streets.

The presence of armed police or the army patrolling our towns and cities is the only hope many have of feeling safe.

This sight wouldn’t surprise me considering that events such as the Paris attacks are becoming more frequent.

One thing that stood out to me regarding the French press coverage of the attacks was the boldness they presented against those who attempt to bring their country down.

‘We will win the war’ was the general message given by most of their press, with front page headlines supporting this.

We are living in a war triggered by extremism which is steadily dominating our news.

European countries should continue to stand firm together in the battle to put an end to terrorism.

Disagreements will remain, but showing those who aim to bring us down that we’ll not back off in our fight will unite us.