We need adult Frubes and Angel Delight with Baileys

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When you think jelly, you think ice cream and kids’ parties, right? Well it seems that now jelly has grown up.

Apparently supermarkets are selling ‘posh’ jelly for adults in flavours such as elderflower, damson and Pimms. This sounds like a great idea. I love jelly, but it’s not the sort of thing you can respectably order in a restaurant, is it?

Sometimes I wouldn’t even bother pouring hot water on the jelly, I’d eat it straight out of the packet!

If they have it on the menu at all it will certainly be in the kids’ section.

Why not make more kids’ desserts available and accessible to adults?

For example I love Angel Delight, but it’s not really for 26-year-olds.

How about taking chocolate Angel Delight and adding a shot of Baileys? Or sloe gin and strawberry?

And why doesn’t somebody make adult Frubes?

We have packed lunches too and no-one wants to carry a yoghurt-smeared spoon in their lunchbox all day.

So why can’t us grown-ups have yoghurt in a tube as well?

Kids get all the good stuff, it’s time us adults got to have fun with our food too.

Jez: I’m not sure I like the sound of elderflower jelly, but as a kid I used to love lime jelly with ice cream.

In fact sometimes I wouldn’t even bother pouring hot water on the jelly, I’d eat it straight out of the packet!

When it comes to kids’ desserts I want to see re-invented, I have many requests. First of all I want cider ice cream.

As a kid I remember queuing up for the ice cream van that parked near the school gates after school, I would always order a cider lolly and feel such a rebel as I enjoyed my cool treat.

Cider ice cream would be fantastic with a slice of apple pie. I’m dribbling at the thought!

Milk drops or white mice were both creamy, milky treats that I enjoyed as a child.

How about bringing them back larger in size like an éclair and give them a brandy liqueur or Baileys filling?

I also remember getting prawn sweets from the tuck shop for two pence. So what about giant pink prawn ice lollies?

I reckon they would prove just as popular as Magnums!