We need more room for estate, says Gosport Scout group

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A SCOUT group is fighting for a new building to cater for all the extra children who will move into the new Rowner estate in Gosport.

The £145m redevelopment of Rowner is in its second phase.

A total of 750 new homes will be built.

But organisers of the 2nd Rowner Scout group are concerned that when the project is complete, there won’t be enough room for the extra children wanting to join.

They are worried that youngsters could be hanging around on the streets late at night and that it could lead to problems with anti-social behaviour.

Sue Archer, group Scout leader, said: ‘I can see us not being able to put on activities that we would like to do in the future.

‘If we were to have a new building it would be a really positive move. We could put on what we wanted and it would be available for other people on the estate if necessary.’

Veronica Bishop, secretary of the group, added: ‘We will have all these young people with nowhere to go.

‘If they are building 700 houses with nothing for young people to do we could have problems.

‘It’s just the nature of society.’

At the moment, the local Beaver, Cub and Scout groups use the Nimrod Centre, but the group says it won’t be big enough for the new community.

‘I would like them to build a community centre or something that the scouts could own or let other members of the community use,’ she added.

‘I would like them to do something before it becomes a problem. I’m worried about anti-social behaviour.’

She added that attending the Scouts is valuable for youngsters.

‘It teaches them all sorts of things that they don’t learn at school and it gives them opportunities. It’s trying to stretch the children’s minds and give them a good base for the rest of their lives.’

Gosport Borough Council leader Mark Hook said: ‘There are already Scout groups in the area and they do a tremendous job.

‘I have asked the project if there are any parcels of land we can make available. If we can find some land then the Scout group can raise funding to put a structure on it.

‘But there are plenty of facilities for young people already in and around the area.’