‘We need to get Britain cooking again’ says chef

RECIPE FOR SUCCESS Giles Babb outside the Blue Bell
RECIPE FOR SUCCESS Giles Babb outside the Blue Bell
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You are what you eat – well, let’s hope not if the horse meat scandal is anything to go by.

Hopefully something good will come from this. The supermarkets have been getting away with selling poor quality and unethically produced goods for too long.

The ‘stack it high sell it low’ offers have contributed to the average UK household throwing away half a ton of food-related waste a year.

It is sad that people have forgotten the importance of the quality of what they are eating and where it has been sourced from just because of convenience.

This would never have happened 20 years ago when people still cooked at home, used local shops, and opted for quality not quantity.

This in turn has affected family life, contributed to broken Britain and stopped us communicating.

Gone are the days for too many families of sitting round the table for dinner.

It seems life is too busy and we are now starting to lose the art of conversation. No wonder kids today think beef comes from a supermarket and not from a cow in a field.

I think in the wake of this we need to get Britain cooking again and supporting local. We need to educate children about where food comes from and how to cook.

So let’s back the local butcher, grocer and trusted independent retailers on the high street who know where their produce comes from.

This in turn will boost the local economy and support the struggling local farmers.

In Emsworth we are working hard to help independent shops and drive footfall through the village, with incentives like the Emsworth Extra reward card and The Hampshire farmers markets.