We’re now looking for highly-motivated youngsters to join in

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VIEW Tony Stares

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WE’RE looking for highly motivated 16 to 18-year-olds who have got an interest in academic studies and coaching.

We tailor the sport BTEC and activity leadership (coaching) apprenticeships at the academy to suit the students. They progress on their own, so you could have one student slightly ahead and move them on to another unit.

Although they do group lectures and activities, they work at their own pace.

We do a linear model where they can take units and then move on to the next unit.

Whereas at college, most of them might have four or five different units going on at the same time.

When I was teaching at college, I could have been teaching sports psychology and then they’d have another lesson of sports coaching and then another one on current issues in sport and another lesson in developing sport.

Next year the BTEC students have got to be more workplace orientated.

And we’ve already got the coaching aspect of this as we’re based at Privett Park.

Our sports coaching is delivered in a proper coaching environment, whereas at college it’s in a sports hall and it’s a bit simulated.

We’ve had quite a few taster days where the students have been taking coaching sessions with the groups that have been coming in.

On the BTEC framework we do look at other sports and the club are looking to develop players to come into the youth systems and first teams. The first year has gone well and now we’re looking for new students and apprentices.

Contact me on gbfcdev@gmail.com or see gosportfootballacademy.co.uk for more.