We’re on our way to Mongolia – get us an ambulance!

A GOOD SIGN The four explorers in Antarctica: Ian Prickett, Ben Norrish, Andy Porter and Kevan White
A GOOD SIGN The four explorers in Antarctica: Ian Prickett, Ben Norrish, Andy Porter and Kevan White
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FOUR intrepid explorers are searching for an old ambulance to take them 10,000 miles in a charity fund-raising rally.

Ian Prickett, 33, from Gosport, and three of his friends are taking part in the famous Mongol Rally in July.

They want to complete the challenge – driving from England to Mongolia – in an ambulance, which they will donate to the Mongolian authorities on their arrival.

But the four adventurers are currently 11,000 miles away from home in Antarctica, where they work for the British Antarctic Survey.

Ian and his colleagues, Ben Norrish, Andy Porter and Kevan White, are building a new research station near the Weddell Sea until April.

To make the trip possible, Ian needs someone to find an old ambulance he can drive to the Mongolian capital, Ulan Bator.

‘If you’ve seen The Long Way Round with Ewan McGregor – well, it’s going to be absolutely nothing like that,’ said Ian, of Rothesay Road, Gosport.

‘No support crews, no corporate sponsor.

‘The thought of getting hopelessly lost in the high deserts and plains of somewhere like Kazakhstan or Tajikistan really excites me.’

Strict rules govern entry into the Mongol Rally.

Entrants must either drive a car with an engine size less than 1.2 litres or drive an emergency vehicle.

Hundreds of daredevil drivers will set off on July 23 from the Goodwood Motor Circuit in West Sussex.

‘To say we are looking forward to it is an understatement,’ Ian added.

‘Every Thursday we are meeting up after work and starting to organise the trip, from laying down the exact route to what equipment we want to take along the way.

‘The preparation is hard at the moment as we are stuck in Antarctica until April and then when we return we will be scattered around the UK.’

To raise money for the rally, the men will brave the treacherous outdoor conditions of their Antarctic base for a sponsored marathon – eight laps of the Halley Research Station.

All money raised will be given to the Christina Noble Children’s Foundation, a Mongolian children’s charity, and cancer charity Orchid.

To find out how you can help, visit web.me.com/ianprickett