We’re working to help every child of every age in Gosport

WORKING HARD Joy Squibb with former schools minister Nick Gibb who visited earlier this year
WORKING HARD Joy Squibb with former schools minister Nick Gibb who visited earlier this year

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As headteachers we have believed for a long time that the education of all Gosport children would be even better if we could work more closely together – schools, parents and communities.

In Gosport this dream of partnership working is now becoming a reality as all educational establishments in Gosport have signed an agreement to work more closely together.

The Gosport Education Improvement Partnership (GEIP) is committed to giving the children and young people of Gosport the best chance of a good education.

The GEIP agreement has been signed by the headteacher and chair of governors of every single educational setting and so covers the youngest child at the Haven Nursery right up to the eldest child leaving St Vincent College.

Even broader than that, the group will ensure that parents get the information and support they need to help their children be successful.

All schools are paying a small amount of their budgets into a shared pot so they can buy resources to support the children who need it the most and train staff in Gosport to work with Gosport children.

This money has so far funded several programmes which are already making a difference to the children and families of Gosport.

One such project has facilitated the sharing of good practice in working with children with Special Educational Needs.

Another successful programme has been one called ‘Keep on Talking’ which helps young children to develop their speaking skills, and to feel more confident when talking.

We have also been able to fund some time from ‘Family Lives’ – an organisation which runs workshops to support parents. These programmes are making sure the right support is given to the right people but the key difference for Gosport is in the sharing of the best ideas so all children benefit.