‘We want everybody, young and old, to 
enjoy Stokes Bay’

BAY WATCH Hazel Casey helps keep an eye on Stokes Bay
BAY WATCH Hazel Casey helps keep an eye on Stokes Bay
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STOKES Bay is beautiful – we’ve got lots of wonderful flowers and fauna along here.

It’s unspoilt, we just love it – especially when the weather is sunny.

We want to preserve it and keep it like this.

We liaise with the council, and if there’s any buildings or anything going on, we advise them.

When the development of Fort Gilkicker was going on we were involved with that quite a bit.

Everything that happens we try and liaise with our members and try and get their views on things as well.

We want young and old, everybody to come and enjoy Stokes Bay.

It has given me and my family lots of pleasure over the years.

They’ve just redeveloped where the paddling pool was, we’ve now got the splash pool coming online and we liaised with the council when it started to get plans together for that.

I’ve worked recently with Alverstoke Junior School. which was doing a project called Aware – a race for the environment.

They were doing a feature on Stokes Bay and we worked with them and did some litter picks and put a display together for them.

We do three litter picks a year and this year we’ll be at the Gosport and Fareham Inshore Rescue Service open day on July 21 to promote ourselves.

We’re involved with the heritage open days – we do a couple of walks involved in that.

Anything really that will promote and help people to enjoy the bay, we will do it.

We have an AGM and I try and get somebody to give a talk, after to encourage more members to join.

We’ve also got a website, friendsofstokesbay.co.uk