WEATHER UPDATE: Warning over Storm Barney selfies

Warnings have been put out over 'storm selfies'
Warnings have been put out over 'storm selfies'
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WARNINGS have been issued against people trying to take ‘storm selfies’ ahead of the arrival of bad weather later today.

The Portsmouth area is on ‘yellow alert’ ahead of the predicted arrival of Storm Barney.

The strong winds and rain are expected to hit this afternoon from around 4pm.

David Walker, leisure safety manager at RoSPA, said:’We understand the temptation to view powerful tides and weather conditions, however, if you get caught up or swept out to sea in these events your life will be at risk very quickly and our rescue services will also be at great risk. Listen to the advice of the coastguard and the police about safe places to be. Floods are devastating so do not be afraid to seek medical help or support.’

Neil Davies, duty flood risk manager at the Environment Agency, said: ‘The power of Mother Nature is a fascination to us all – and taking storm selfies may seem exhilarating – but over the last few years we’ve had an increasing number of people putting themselves and family members at severe risk along coastal paths and promenades. Floods destroy so take care and be prepared. Find out if you are at risk and sign-up for early flood warnings. Stay safe and act now to be better prepared for flood to reduce the impact it could have on your family, your home and your business.

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