Day-by-day weather forecast for Portsmouth this coming week

It's been a mild start to the month weather-wise, but what is the forecast looking like for Portsmouth this week?

Saturday, 7th April 2018, 6:49 pm
Updated Saturday, 7th April 2018, 6:51 pm
Picture: Shaun Roster

Temperatures have climbed up as high as 12C, and the traditional April Showers have - mostly - been nowhere to be seen.

Here’s the forecast for this week according to the Met Office.


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Bad news - heavy rain is expected for most of the day, but it could turn lighter in the afternoon. Expect the heaviest showers between 5am and 10pm. Temperatures should be mild with a high of 11C.


A cloudy day with some light rain possible late in the evening. Temperatures should reach about 12C by late afternoon.


Similar to Monday, Tuesdsay will be cloudy but it will be more windy. The Met Office says there could be winds of up to 15mph. Temperatuires will reach about 12C.


Potentially the brightest day of the week with sunny spells expected throughout the day. Highs of 14C are expected although it might be windy at times.


Another cloudy day but thankfully little chance of rain. Temperatures should reach 13C later in the afternoon.


There might be some sunny spells in the afternoon and into the evening but Friday should be another cloudy day. Highs of 12C are expected and winds should be calmer than the rest of the week.