Here are the latest odds on a White Christmas this year 

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The chances of there being a White Christmas this year appear to be slim, according to the latest odds. 

But what are the chances of snow falling this Christmas? 

Snowy Aerials of Portsmouth. Picture: Shaun Roster

Snowy Aerials of Portsmouth. Picture: Shaun Roster

What is the definition of a white Christmas? 

While it might feel like just having snow laying on the ground would mean that it is a White Christmas.

However according to the Met Office’s official definition it has to actually snow on the big day to be classed as a White Christmas. 

So if it was to snow on December 23 but not on December 25, then this would not count as a White Christmas. 

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When was the last White Christmas? 

It has been almost a decade since we last had a White Christmas here in the UK. 

The Met Office says that the last White Christmas was in December 2010, when the Big Freeze gripped the nation, but they are saying that the chances of us having one this year are slim – with snow instead being predicted for January and early 2019. 

What are the latest odds 

Bookmakers are not feeling optimistic about the chances of Britain having a White Christmas this year. 

According to Betfair’s latest odds, the Scottish cities of Aberdeen and Edinburgh has the best chance of a White Christmas in 2018. 

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Here are the latest odds: 

Aberdeen – 3/1

Edinburgh – 3/1

Glasgow – 10/3

Belfast – 4/1

Manchester – 5/1

Dublin – 5/1

Leeds – 5/1

Liverpool – 6/1

London – 6/1

Birmingham – 8/1

Norwich – 8/1

Cardiff – 8/1

Bristol – 8/1 

Betfair are currently not offering odds on Portsmouth having a White Christmas online.