Portsmouth man's trousers stand-up unaided after becoming frozen solid in icy weather

A DAD from Portsmouth has used the chilly weather to give his old work trousers a very, very cool new look - with the clothes standing up unaided after freezing solid in his garden.

By Richard Lemmer
Thursday, 11th February 2021, 6:29 pm
Updated Thursday, 11th February 2021, 6:31 pm

Temperatures plummeted below zero across the city and as low as -3C at Thorney Island on Wednesday night, so Marcin Jedrysiak decided to make the most of the frosty conditions.

Marcin was creating a make-shift ice rink on his garden patio for his seven-year-old daughter when he came up with the visual gag.

The 38-year-old, of Colebrook Avenue in Copnor, said: 'When I was a teenager in Poland, I went sledding down a hill and ended up in a river.

Marcin Jedrysiak from Portsmouth with a pair of his trousers which froze solid in his garden last night, as temperatures across the UK plummeted to their lowest point in two decades. Picture: Roger Arbon/Solent News & Photo Agency

‘I had to walk home and by the time I got home my trousers were frozen solid.

‘So I knew I could so something fun with some frozen trousers.’

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Marcin, who works as a radiography department assistant at Queen Alexandra Hospital, soaked a pair of old work trousers and hung them on the washing line to freeze in less than an hour.

Marcin, 38, a radiography department assistant at the Queen Alexandra hospital in Portsmuth, sprayed water over the trousers every 10 minutes for more than an hour to ensure they'd freeze. Picture: Roger Arbon/Solent News & Photo Agency

He then before stood them up in the garden to surprise his daughter, Pola.

He said: ‘When she saw them she was like “wow – it’s like someone invisible is standing in the garden”.’

In the Polish national’s home city of Koszalin, residents have been enduring temperatures as low as -12C over the last week – and Marcin hopes children across Portsmouth can experience a similar winter one day.

Safe to say it was a little chill last night. Picture: Marcin Jedrysiak

He said: ‘Kids in Poland have proper winters. They are used to icy conditions.

‘Here I hear so many parents saying, “don't go out, you will smash your head open".

‘In Poland, people love to get creative - sometimes, when there is a lot of snow, we build igloos.

‘I wish all the children in Portsmouth get to experience a proper winter.’

Marcin said some slight weight gain over the last 12-months meant they trousers were difficult to put on even before they were frozen. Picture: Roger Arbon/Solent News & Photo Agency

Freezing conditions will continue in Portsmouth and Hampshire until Saturday, with severe cold weather predicted across much of the country, according to a forecast from the Met Office.

Meanwhile, Marcin is waiting for his trousers to finish thawing. He said: ‘They are old work trousers - I put on some weight during lockdown, so I don’t wear them anymore, but hopefully I can use them again.’

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