Portsmouth weather: Here’s how hot it got on Good Friday as city set to continue to sizzle in Easter heatwave 

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THE Easter weekend heatwave is showing no signs of letting up with soaring temperatures set to continue again. 

Met Office is forecasting sunshine and warm temperatures for the second day running in Portsmouth. 

Seraphine Malik from Surrey, playing bat and ball with her daughter Evelyn (9) on the beach in Portsmouth. Picture: (190419-6333)

Seraphine Malik from Surrey, playing bat and ball with her daughter Evelyn (9) on the beach in Portsmouth. Picture: (190419-6333)

Residents flocked to the Hot Walls and the beach yesterday as the city basked in the bank holiday sun. 

The sunshine and warm weather is expected to last throughout the Easter weekend. 

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Here’s what you need to know: 

How hot did it get yesterday? 

According to the Gosport weather station temperatures reached a high of 24.8C yesterday. 

This was not the record high for April recorded by the station however – that goes to the 25.8C experienced in the same month in 2018. 

Will the warm weather continue? 

So far this morning there has been a high of 18.7C and temperatures are expected to keep climbing. 

Met Office is forecasting that the mercury will hit 24C in Portsmouth today. 

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It is expected to hit 20C on Easter Sunday with the sunny conditions being forecast to continue then as well. 

Is this record breaking? 

The Met Office has said it is unlikely the country will have its hottest April or Easter on record.

The highest recorded temperature over an Easter weekend was 29.4C, taken at Camden Square in London on Easter Saturday in 1949, the Met Office said.

While the warmest temperature recorded on an Easter Friday was 26.9C at St James's Park in London in 2011, with the mercury reaching 25.3C on Easter Sunday and 24C on Easter Monday that year.

Met Office meteorologist Sophie Yeomans said it was unlikely the country would have higher temperatures than this.

She added: ‘It won't be one of the hottest temperatures we have had in April, the only thing it is going to break is some of the records for Easter Sunday and Easter Monday.’ 

Not everywhere will see blue skies, with north-west Scotland and the Northern Isles expected to have some clouds and rain on Saturday.