This is why the sky was so red above Portsmouth this morning

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Monday mornings are notorious for being the most difficult part of the week.

It’s the start of a new week at work, with the weekend already a distant memory and the next one seeming like years away.

Picture: Ben McFadyean

Picture: Ben McFadyean

But those who were up early enough this morning were treated to a gorgeous red sunrise above Portsmouth.

Photographers shared their pictures of the unusual sight on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – including Michaela Hopkinson who was up early to share a photo of South Parade Pier this morning.

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But why was the sky so psychedelic?

Picture: Michaela Hopkinson/Instagram

Picture: Michaela Hopkinson/Instagram

The Met Office has explained the gorgeous appearance but, be warned, it could mean thunderstorms are coming.

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A red sky appears when dust and small particles are trapped in the atmosphere by high pressure.

This scatters blue light leaving only red light to give the sky its notable appearance.

The Met Office said: ‘The concept of "Red sky at night, shepherd's delight. Red sky in the morning, shepherd's warning" first appears in the Bible in the book of Matthew.

‘It is an old weather saying often used at sunrise and sunset to signify the changing sky and was originally known to help the shepherds prepare for the next day's weather.

‘A red sky at sunset means high pressure is moving in from the west, so therefore the next day will usually be dry and pleasant.

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‘Red sky in the morning, shepherds warning’ means a red sky appears due to the high-pressure weather system having already moved east meaning the good weather has passed, most likely making way for a wet and windy low-pressure system.’

That looks like being the case for Portsmouth, with periods of heavy rain expected this afternoon – particularly between 1pm and 4pm.

Wind speeds will also reach close to 30mph, although fortunately no thunder and lightning is expected.

Going forward better weather is expected for the rest of the week with some sunny spells tomorrow.