WEDDING: Hayley and Lee Stevens

Hayley and Lee Stevens
Hayley and Lee Stevens

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Love blossomed eight years ago for Star Wars fans Hayley and Lee Stevens – over Facebook.

And it led to a relationship so romantic that Lee, a 42-year-old rail worker, indulged his wife’s great passion – for the Wizard of Oz.

Hayley, of Park House Farm Way, Leigh Park, explains: ‘It was our first Christmas together and Harrods had created a pair of sparkly red shoes in honour of the Wizard of Oz’s 65th anniversary.

‘Lee bought them because he knew I’d love them. So I just had to wear them on our big day.’

The couple’s wedding was held at the Langstone Hotel, Hayling Island.

Hayley, a 40-year-old NHS administrator, wanted to give Lee a surprise.

She says: ‘He is a huge Star Wars fan and even has his own light sabre from America, which I wanted him to have at the wedding.

‘I realised at 4.30am on the day of the wedding that the batteries had run out. So I raced to the garage in my pyjamas to buy some.’

And there was more drama to come.

A troop of Star Wars characters from UK Garrison surprised Lee after the ceremony by turning up in full stormtrooper costumes.

Hayley adds: ‘Lee loved it, but even before that he was in tears.

‘It totally shocked me because he is normally so laid back. When I turned round everyone was crying.

‘It was a really beautiful, emotional day.’

n Photos by Mark Robbins Photography