Wedge comics still hit the spot

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FOR an evening’s entertainment, the Wedgewood Rooms comedy club is hard to beat. Whilst I’ve laughed more on other occasions, this night lived up to the high expectations I have for the venue.

Javier Jarquin kicked off, and the opening few minutes were awkward thanks to jokes about aeroplane incidents such as Germanwings and Malaysian Airlines. However, the rest of his set made up for this. The New Zealander entertained with talk of rivalry with Australia, national animals and inappropriately-named shops such as Boots, Currys and Office.

Junior Simpson was next and the weakest of the three, due to concentrating the majority of his stint on racial jokes. However, his impersonations were impressive.

Alistair Barrie headlined in a real case of saving the best until last. I have never seen anyone handle a heckler so well – ‘If you were THAT funny, we would have all paid to come round YOUR house!’. Unlike Jarquin, Barrie’s awkward subject matters such as Oscar Pistorius and even Islamic State, still had the audience laughing.