West Sussex kite surfers to get their own dedicated zone at Bracklesham

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KITE SURFERS will get their own dedicated area after beach-goers hailed a two year trial a success.

Chichester District Council has agreed the zone, which is east of the slipway at Bracklesham, should stay after the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents supported the move.

The high winds in the area have made it very attractive to kite surfers and the zone was set up to make it safer for them and other beach users.

A Kite Surfing Code of Conduct has been created with the local kite surfers, and it has also been endorsed by the British Kite Surfing Association.

However, concerns raised by some fossil hunters about the location of the zone in relation to fossil beds and finds are being considered.

Following the wide-ranging consultation the Council has decided not to restrict horse riding on the beach, to allow barbecues on the foreshore and not to introduce swim zones.

Councillor John Connor said: ‘We know that a variety of different activities take place on our foreshores and we don’t want to stop anyone from using the beach.

‘Over the last few years we have seen a significant increase in numbers taking part in kite surfing.

‘We want to manage risk on the foreshore while making the beach accessible for lots of different users. Our aim is always to make sure as many users as possible can enjoy the beach.’