What do we really get from our elected councillors?

HEADQUARTERS The Plaza, the main offices of Havant Borough Council
HEADQUARTERS The Plaza, the main offices of Havant Borough Council
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I note an increase in car park charges for Havant will come into effect in February in an attempt to make good some of the shortfall in government funding.

We’ve been told Havant Borough Council needs to make savings which could mean cuts to our services.

Always, as consolation it seems, we are reminded our council tax has not been increased over the last four years.

We’ve even been told our councillors’ allowances have been frozen – again no increase for some years.

But to me these allowances already seem quite generous – at the least almost equivalent to a state pension when you include the value of the broadband connection and telephone allowance.

The grand total for 2011/2012 was £312,540.16. Couldn’t consideration be given to making cuts here? Are we getting value for money?

For me personally, there is still the unresolved matter of emails not being acknowledged let alone acted upon, particularly at a time of stress over problems in the area where I live – 10 arson attacks in as many days? Even the firefighters were stressed and asked what was happening about it.

Some time later a serious complaint I made was not taken forward as I wanted and would have expected. Offers of support never materialise.

Credit is being claimed and given to councillors for the time and effort that I, by my own volition and under difficult circumstances, put into the area where I live.

I was once told councillors are accountable to the electorate.

What does that mean? It could be interpreted as ‘Well you fell for the spin – you voted them in’.