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SEARLE: I have been researching my family history for many years now and am trying to check out an offshoot which has led me to Portsmouth.

My grandfather married a lady named Maria (Mary?) Evelyn Lucas.

They married in 1915 in Portsmouth. Sadly, she took her own life in November 1922 and in a letter she wrote at the time, she asked her sister ‘Kitty’ to look after her children. I think ‘Kitty’ is Kathleen Lucas, born in 1898 in Banbury, Oxfordshire. The family were in Portsmouth by 1915 and probably earlier.

I have found the marriage record of a Kathleen May Lucas and she married Herbert A Searle in Portsmouth in 1923.

Herbert died in 1967 and Kathleen died in 1987.

So far, I have found Herbert and Kathleen had two children. Trevor HA Searle, born mid-1924 and Gwendoline A Searle born mid-1926.

Trevor Searle married Constance Green in late 1945 in Portsmouth. Gwendoline Searle married Albert L Burroughs in 1945 in Portsmouth. So far I have only located one child, Linette J Burroughs, born 1948 in Portsmouth.

Linette J Burroughs married Michael J Brimson in 1968. I am attempting to prove my link with the family via Kathleen Lucas.

While I have a lot of information about the tragedy that overtook Maria (Mary?) Lucas. I have little information regarding Kathleen.

Maria died in Shoeburyness in Essex and reports of the time have published her letter to Kitty.

It seems she never got the chance to look after her sisters children as my grandfather remarried in October 1923 and being a full time soldier, the children went back to him and his new wife (I think they had been sent to Jersey to stay with my great grandparents) just before he was posted to Ceylon in 1924.

I would be grateful to hear from anyone who may know anything of the family.


01493 300879

5 Redwing Drive, Bradwell,

Gt Yarmouth NR31 8PF

HIGGINS: Does anyone know what happened to or the whereabouts of David Higgins?

He, his brother Mick and Mick’s girlfriend Jill Dawes lived in Southsea around 1976 when I knew them. Please contact Nell Veldhuis at dutchess@knoware.nl

Nell Veldhuis

Schoutenstraat 86

1623 RZ Hoorn, Netherlands

NIKKI: Ex-licensee of the Guardsman 22 years ago on Fratton Road, Portsmouth and also of the Shepherds and Flock in Farnham, Surrey, would like to hear from Nikki, last known working as a stocktaker in the licensed trade living in Portsmouth.

She also used to work in admin at Portsmouth Hospitals.

Peter Hughes


0161 7906389


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