Why couldn’t she have worn blackout contact lenses?

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Sometimes you read something and simply have to shake your head in disbelief.

A woman’s desire to lose her sight was so strong that a psychologist apparently sympathetic to her needs agreed to make her wish come true and poured drain cleaner into her eyes – and now she’s never been happier.

Surely they should be looking to help deal with issues, not fulfil such strange wishes

Really? What sort of back street joint is this person running?

Is there someone out the back with a rusty old chop saw just in case someone pops along and says they’ve had enough of their left leg?

I know people moan about doctors not doing enough for them, but this not only takes the biscuit but the whole damn packet!

What kind of medical professional pours drain cleaner into a patient’s eyes? I think it’s the psychologist that needs to see a psychologist here.

Surely they should be looking to help deal with issues, not fulfil such strange wishes.

You wouldn’t expect a doctor to tell someone with anorexia that they need to get on the Atkins Diet and give them a repeat prescription of fat burners. It’s absolutely ludicrous. They need to face criminal charges.

If this was the only solution and she couldn’t be cured, then why the need to whip out the Cillit Bang from under the sink? Couldn’t her corneas have been harvested for someone who actually needed them? Like when someone donates a kidney.

Jewel Shuping, 30 of North Carolina, has been diagnosed with Body Integrity Identity Disorder (BIID) where a person’s idea of how they should look does not match their physical form.

Her dream of becoming blind began when she was a child and she would often spend hours staring at the sun after her mother told her it would damage her eyes.

I understand that she is happy now, but she is obviously going to require some form of support.

I believe these resources would be better off going to someone who has a disability that was not of their own making.

Surely wearing blackout contact lenses could have been something to try first?