Why dump this mess in the countryside?

Flytipping at Purbrook Heath
Flytipping at Purbrook Heath
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A BED mattress sits forlornly among the trees.

Nearby are rotting bin bags full of domestic rubbish.

Flytipping at Purbrook Heath

Flytipping at Purbrook Heath

This sickening display of fly-tipping on Purbrook Heath was found by News reader Jackie Forrest, who goes up to the beauty spot to enjoy the views.

Mrs Forrest is supporting our campaign to get people to report fly-tippers to the authorities.

Mrs Forrest, of Springwood Avenue, Waterlooville, said: ‘It’s terrible – it spoils the countryside.

‘I feel sorry for the people who live there.

Flytipping at Purbrook Heath

Flytipping at Purbrook Heath

‘I just think people are lazy and can’t be bothered. Some of the fly-tipping I have come across is just a carrier bag full of domestic rubbish.

‘People must just throw it out of cars. What on earth are they doing? They have got no pride, they just don’t care.’

She added: ‘I will send my pictures off to Winchester City Council, they will clear the rubbish, but in a week’s time I could do the same drive around and find a fresh assortment of rubbish.

‘As I was close by, I called in to the amenity tip and spoke to an employee. He confirmed there would have been no charge whatsoever for taking this rubbish to them. They don’t take trade waste, but none of this appears to be trade.’

Cllr Patricia Stallard, who covers the southern parishes of Winchester district, said fly-tipping had become a major problem in the area.

For the first time, however, there is a dedicated neighbourhood warden to tackle fly-tipping.

Andy Murphy is paid by Winchester City Council.

Cllr Stallard said: ‘We are taking it seriously. If people do fly-tip, people like Andy have the means and the time to try and track down the culprits.’

As reported, earlier this month Lewis Field, 23, of Hillsley Road, Paulsgrove, was taken to court by Winchester council for fly-tipping at Pitymoor Lane and Sheepwash Lane, in Southwick. Bags of builders’ rubble was dumped in the country lane from his van. He was made to pay almost £2,000 by Fareham Magistrates’ Court.

To report fly-tipping on Purbrook Heath, go to winchester.gov.uk/report or call 0300 300 0013.