‘Why should I make my toilets public to help the council?’

CRITICISM Stuart Ainsworth says Portsmouth City Council's decision to close public toilets was wrong
CRITICISM Stuart Ainsworth says Portsmouth City Council's decision to close public toilets was wrong

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Someone from the council came in recently to talk about a scheme where businesses open their toilets to the general public to help the council.

I don’t agree with it. My toilets are there for my customers, not for anyone just walking off the street.

I spent a lot of money on my toilets, making sure they are clean and tidy and in the best possible condition for my customers.

I always make sure of that. At the end of the day, why should I open up to the public if they aren’t spending money in here?

I won’t be used as a cheap option for the council because it wants to shut its units down. I appreciate the council has to save money, but not to my detriment.

Closing public toilets could have a detrimental impact on the visitor economy.

We are a tourist city, and toilets are a big part of that.

It’s a human right facility

We need people to feel that if they walk around the seafront, Palmerston Road and Albert Road, there is a public convenience they can use. As a tourist city, the council should be providing these things.

It shouldn’t be down to independent businesses.

I don’t know how well the public toilets are used, but the council clean them regularly and I would have to pay out extra for silly things like toilet roll.

I would have to burden the cost of cleaning the toilets more regularly, as they would be used more.

I am providing a service for my customers, not something that’s due to the city council’s budget constraints.

The council needs to be doing more to attract people to the city.

Victorious Festival was a massive success. I held a beer festival there and I went through 170 barrels, which is more than 12,000 pints.

You had lots of independent businesses there.

There is an awful lot of things going on in places like Brighton. A lot has also been done with Hastings Pier – why can’t we get similar levels of funding?