‘With great sadness, Fareham has lost its great fishmonger’

WILL BE MISSED Stephen Cripps and his father Peter Cripps. Picture: Paul Jacobs (131399-2)
WILL BE MISSED Stephen Cripps and his father Peter Cripps. Picture: Paul Jacobs (131399-2)
Waverley Road. Picture: Google Maps

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THE closure of P&S Cripps, the last remaining fishmonger in Fareham, heralds the passing of a landmark in the history of our town.

It’s closure has brought with it much sadness.

They served Fareham for a fantastic 97 years and for the last 59 years Peter Cripps has been at the helm.

I got to know Peter when I first came to Fareham 41 years ago and even more closely when we had a business next to each other in Portland Street in the 80s.

I can remember an extremely cold winter when all the pipes froze up in the street and we were struggling to carry on with our businesses.

I replaced all the frozen water pipes in my shop and then proceeded to go to Peter’s and replace his and then the Chinese takeaway so we could carry on, all at no cost, and to my great pleasure.

During this time, Peter was washing his fish using the sink in my shop and John Sun Ping from the Chinese restaurant was washing his rice in my other sink.

These people would not let a frozen pipe stand in the way of service!

Always grateful even after nearly 30 years, Peter has given me a discount in his shop in return and John and his family invite us to lunch each year maintaining a wonderful friendship that will stay in all our hearts.

Thank you Peter and Stephen, you have both set a standard for friendship, courtesy, and magnificent service to so many people over those many years.

We had fun, we had laughter, we had pride and respect for each other.

God bless you Peter; with the closure of P&S Cripps, Fareham has lost a light in the darkness, but you will always shine.3