Woman gets stuck in mud after trying to stop dog chasing swans

Cockle Pond in Gosport
Cockle Pond in Gosport
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A WOMAN found herself trapped in mud and on the verge of hypothermia after chasing after her dog.

The woman was walking by Cockle Pond, near Willis Road, Gosport, when her spaniel started to chase after a swan.

The woman, who works as a nurse in Gosport, went to fetch the dog, but sank into thick mud.

Crews from Fareham, Gosport, Cosham, Hillhead Coastguard team and South Central Ambulance went to help the woman after being called out at about 9am today.

When they arrived they found the woman shivering and up to her knees in mud.

The rescue was led by the crew from Gosport fire station.

Watch manager Tim Harrison said: ‘The woman had gone after her dog and became stuck probably 40ft from the bank.

‘The mud was impossible. I took one step out and sank straight in.

‘We had to bridge out using ladders to reach her.

‘The lady was still standing, but was getting close to being hypothermic.

‘I have rescued quite a few people from mud and they generally become hypothermic and fall over and collapse with exhaustion.

‘She was getting close to that.’

He said the woman was ‘very grateful’ when she saw help was on the way.

‘We had to dig her feet out and then pull her out and carry her back to shore,’ said Mr Harrison.

‘We treated her for hypothermia until the ambulance crew arrived.’

The woman did not need to be taken to hospital.

The dog was unscathed.

Crews left the scene after an hour.

Mr Harrison warned people against walking out on to mud.

‘It’s so dangerous,’ he said.

‘She was lucky the tide was not coming in.

‘Keep your dog on a lead by mud and don’t go on to the mud yourself.’