Woman rescued from fire by youngsters

Dan. Elijah and Duane
Dan. Elijah and Duane
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AN ELDERLY woman was rescued from a house fire when two young boys flagged down a passing motorist.

Friends Duane Foster and Elijah North, both 12, were riding their bikes along Copnor Road, in Copnor, when they saw smoke pouring from a ground floor window at 5pm yesterday.

They rushed to the aid of a pensioner who was left disorientated when a faulty gas fire filled her house with smoke.

Sailor Dan Evans, 24, saw the boys waving on the side of the road and stopped to help.

He said: ‘Duane and Elijah tried to get her out, but she didn’t want to leave.

‘In the end I helped her to the doorway and out of the smoke. But it is the two lads who deserve the credit, they did really well.’

Duane, of Powerscourt Road, Copnor, said: ‘We ran in and the house was full up with smoke, it was hard to see.’

Elijah, of Stubbington Avenue, Copnor, added: ‘It was pretty scary, the lady was sat there and wouldn’t leave.’

The fire was put out quickly and no one was injured.