Woman rescued in Langstone Harbour drama

The RNLI was called to the incident in Langstone Harbour
The RNLI was called to the incident in Langstone Harbour
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THE RNLI had to rescue a woman who got stuck in mud at Langstone Harbour after trying to retrieve her dog’s ball.

A passer-by spotted the dog owner stuck up to her waist as the tide was coming in.

The Coastguard were called and they instructed Portsmouth RNLI whose crew released the woman within a few minutes.

Helmsman Peter Slidel said: ‘The immediate danger was the tide was rising. By the time the lifeboat got to her she had sunk up to her knees in mud and water was probably a bit higher than her waist.

‘She was pulled out and taken to a waiting ambulance. She was fit and well but obviously distressed. I’ve just been told they are taking her home now so she should be fine.’

Mr Slidel said that under no circumstances should anyone attempt to collect anything or rescue a pet from the mud.

He said pets are usually able to free themselves and the owners are likely to get stuck trying to get them out.

Anyone who loses something in the mud or whose pet is in danger should call the fire service or local authority.