Woman’s amazing escape in Portsmouth balcony fall

Admiralty Quarter in Portsea
Admiralty Quarter in Portsea

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A WOMAN escaped alive when she fell from a sixth floor balcony at a prestige tower block in Portsmouth early today.

The woman, reported to be in her mid-20s, was trying to climb to another balcony at Admiralty Quarter, in Cross Street, Portsea, when she slipped.

But luckily she landed in the balcony below in the drama at around 2.30am.

The drama happened in one of the blocks in the Admiralty Quarter complex, behind the main Admiralty Tower in Queen Street,

Firefighters from Southsea station had to dismantle balcony walls after they accessed it from the flat.

Crew manager Alex Hay said: ‘She was very lucky, very lucky indeed.

‘She had decided to try and climb from one balcony to another and slipped.

‘I think she’d broken her collar bone.’