Woman’s shock after garden wall is destroyed by ‘careless’ driver

Crina Parker who is upset after a car crashed into her wall at her home in Gosport.'''Picture Ian Hargreaves  (180491-1)
Crina Parker who is upset after a car crashed into her wall at her home in Gosport.'''Picture Ian Hargreaves (180491-1)
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A HEARTBROKEN woman says she is desperate to find answers after she claimed her house was targeted by vandals.

Crina Parker, 43 from Gosport, was devastated to find that someone had crashed into her wall and vanished without a trace.

Now, she is looking to find any clues as to what happened as well as learn why the individual didn’t stop to pass on their details.

She said: ‘A vehicle crashed into my front wall on Wednesday, May 23, then drove off without stopping.

‘All I’ve been left with is a lot of damage to my wall and a lot of unanswered questions.

‘I’m just so upset and annoyed about what’s happened – it isn’t something that can be easily fixed, nor will it be cheap to do, because the wall was made with a series of identical pillars, and the foundations of the wall have been broken as well.

‘I don’t know how someone can do that and not stop to apologise.’

Mrs Parker says she didn’t see or hear the incident, and only found out after her neighbour told her what had happened.

She said: ‘It was my neighbour who pointed it out to me – I saw the damage for myself, and I thought I would pass out.

‘It’s a totally bizarre feeling – you never expect to be the victim of a crime so when it happens you don’t quite know how to react.

‘It must have been quite a big accident because there’s an awful lot of damage to the wall – which has always seemed very sturdy.

‘They must have been going quite fast for this to happen, which is incredibly careless.’

Mrs Parker is now desperate to find out what happened, or if anyone saw anything.

She said: ‘There were no vehicle parts left around the fence – which does make me wonder if whoever was involved collected their damage before driving off.

‘I still can’t quite believe it happened to me but I’m determined to get to the bottom of it.

‘I’ve reported it to the police and I’m hoping someone either saw a car with a lot of damage to the front, or a mechanic in the area has dealt with someone who had a lot of front damage.’

A spokesman from Hampshire police said: ‘We received a report at 2.45pm on Wednesday, May 23 of damage caused to fence panels at a house in Beryton Road, Gosport. It is believed the damage was caused by a vehicle.

‘No further lines of enquiry have been identified and the investigation has been filed.’