Woman suffers head injuries after 40ft fall from Havant building

SCENE The block of flats at Broadmere Avenue where the woman fellq
SCENE The block of flats at Broadmere Avenue where the woman fellq
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A 50-year-old woman has suffered serious head injuries after plunging almost 40ft from a block of flats.

Police were called at 4pm yesterday to Andover House, in Broadmere Avenue, West Leigh, by passers-by.

They said they saw the woman fall from what they believed was her flat window at the top of the three-storey building.

Paramedics and the Hampshire and Isle of Wight air ambulance helicopter rushed to the scene to treat the woman who was suffering from serious head injuries.

Police believe the woman fell from a height of 30 to 40 feet from the window.

She was taken by road ambulance to Southampton General Hospital, where she remained overnight in a serious but stable condition.

Police enquiries are on-going but it is believed no-one was involved in causing the woman to fall.

An elderly male neighbour and close friend of the woman, who did not wish to be named, said he was in a complete state of shock following the incident.

He said: ‘I was sat on my bed reading a book when I heard a thud like a ladder hitting the pavement outside.

‘I didn’t think any more of it because I just assumed it was men with ladders from the council.

‘They’ve been around lately to lay cables for the new digital switch-over.

‘But after a while I heard a helicopter sound outside.

‘I had a feeling something wasn’t quite right.

‘I went outside to take a look at what was going on but there were people from the ambulance service telling me to stand well back.

‘So I went back in and let them get on with it.

The pensioner, who has lived on the first floor of Andover House for a year, added: ‘The whole thing is shocking and terrible.

‘It all seemed to happen so quick.

‘I can’t believe that it’s happened.

‘I was only talking to her just the other day.

‘She’s a very nice person.

‘She speaks to me often. She likes a good chat.

‘I just hope she recovers as quickly as possible.’

Police last night said they were still waiting for an update on the full extent of the woman’s injuries.

Sergeant Derek Hibbard, of Hampshire Constabulary’s control room, said: ‘From what we understand the woman has had an MRI scan and is talking, but until doctors have examined her fully we will not know how serious the injuries are and whether they are deemed life-threatening.

‘We are waiting for a full update.

‘We hope she recovers.’