Woman tackles blaze at her home - after her alarm texts her

Firefighters at the house in Woodlands Avenue, Emsworth
Firefighters at the house in Woodlands Avenue, Emsworth
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MUM Michelle King found out her house was on fire after her hi-tech alarm system sent her a text message.

The 42-year-old rushed home to Emsworth when she got the message.

She went inside to tackle the blaze in the living room before climbing the scaffolding with a hosepipe.

The mum-of-two said: ‘It was instinct when your house is on fire.

‘It was stupid really, I shouldn’t have done it. But you don’t want your home to burn down.’

Michelle, of Woodlands Avenue, was out with her husband Duncan, 46, and daughters Mia, 11 and Dea, nine.

She added: ‘We have a fantastic fire alarm that alerts us.

‘It text us there was a fire to our phone. It saved the house.

‘We were only round the corner when we got it.

‘When we got home there was fire coming out.

‘Duncan was on the phone to the fire brigade but I stupidly went into the house and then climbed the scaffolding with the hose. The crew came and finished putting it out.’

She added they were lucky it wasn’t worse as the house is made of wood.

The frame above the living room window was destroyed.

Duncan added: ‘There was lots of smoke.’

The pair praised firefighters for their response.

Two appliances from Havant went to the fire at around 1.30pm on Saturday.

Firefighter Pete Jones of Havant’s blue watch, said: ‘It looked like it had been burning for a while because the timbers underneath the lead roof were severely charred.

‘Michelle had put the fire out and we were making sure it didn’t spread any further.

‘If the text hadn’t happened, potentially it could’ve been a lot worse.’

Nine firefighters and an officer went to the home to make it safe.