Woman's feat in memory of brother who took his own life

CARING Mollie Stroulger is hoping to raise money for a charity close to her heart '“ by leaping out of an aeroplane.

Friday, 1st April 2016, 5:55 am
Updated Saturday, 2nd April 2016, 8:36 am
Mollie Stroulger (20) from Park Gate, will be doing a skydive in August to raise money for Survivors of Bereavement By Suicide after her brother Daniel Strougler died last year Picture: Sarah Standing (160453-4771)

The 20-year-old is doing a skydive in memory of her brother Daniel, who committed suicide on October 10 last year.

The mum-of-two will be skydiving in August on what would have been Daniel’s 23rd birthday.

Mollie is fundraising for Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide, a self-help organisation which helps people cope when a loved one takes their own life.

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Daniel Stroulger

Mollie, from Park Gate, counts herself lucky to have not needed the services offered by the charity as she was given great support from her family, but she understands how difficult losing a loved one can be and wants to help others not lucky enough to have such a great support system. Mollie said: ‘It’s for families who aren’t as fortunate as me and have to go through that without having people to help them.’

Although everyone in Mollie’s family has been seriously affected by Daniel’s suicide, the way they have all pulled together has really helped.

Mollie said: ‘Sometimes I don’t want to talk about it but because I know it will help them I do and vice versa.’

Mollie will be jumping with close friends Lauren Knee, 20 and Holly Whyte, 20, who have felt like an extension of her family in their support since Daniel’s suicide.

Daniel Stroulger

‘It’s amazing to know they’d do that with me especially as one of them is scared of heights,’ she said.

Daniel suffered from depression in the year leading up to his death, and although his family thought he was getting better, they discovered it was a brave facade.

Friends of Daniel were shocked to hear of his suicide as only his family knew of his depression.

Mollie described her brother as an incredible person who was so protective of her.

She said: ‘He was the protector who couldn’t protect himself.’

The closest thing to skydiving Mollie has done before is ziplining and she’s excited to take the plunge after researching it online.

The skydive falls in the middle of a family holiday planned for Daniel’s birthday. ‘It will be first one without him,’ added Mollie.

You can donate money to the charity skydive at https://crowdfunding.justgiving.com/Sobscharityskydive