Work at Gosport cemetery leads to visitors being turned away

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WORK to make way for more graves at a cemetery has seen mourners turned away from visiting their loved ones.

Gosport Borough Council is creating room for another five to eight years’ worth of burial space at Ann’s Hill Cemetery.

Some of the cemetery’s access roads have now been replaced with turf.

It means cars can no longer pass each other inside the burial grounds on Ann’s Hill Road.

Ivan Johns, of Funtley Lane in Fareham, was visiting the cemetery with his wife when the pair were turned away because a funeral was taking place.

The 82-year-old goes to the cemetery every week to visit the graves of his parents and sister, along with his wife’s parents and the grave of her brother.

He said: ‘A funeral was about to take place and we were not allowed access.

‘Another time we went and on our way out there was a car parked on the road and we couldn’t get past like we used to because it is narrower.

‘We had to ask the person to move their car which isn’t ideal at a cemetery.

‘You don’t want to have to disturb people. Sections of the road and side paths have been removed and replaced with grass areas.

‘There is now only a circular roadway that makes it impossible for cars to pass one another without encroaching on the grass verges.’

The council says visitors to the cemetery will have to use a one-way system with lay-bys so cars can pass each other.

Ground which used to be taken up by roads providing access to the graves will now be used for burial space.

It says people may have to delay visits to the cemetery if funerals are taking place.

A council spokeswoman said: ‘The council has undertaken works to create further burial space within Ann’s Hill Cemetery by utilising some of the access roads.

‘The works, which will create space for a further five to eight years, will also create a one-way system with some lay-by spaces for cars to be able to pass each other.

‘While funerals are taking place, visitors need to be considerate to other users at times indicated on the notice board at the gate advising that a funeral is taking place.

‘It may be necessary for visitors to delay their visit to allow the funeral cortege access to the graveside.

‘The council aims to minimise any inconvenience to visitors to the cemetery and hopes they will understand the reason for these works.’