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Sara Pollard didn't have a conventional education but has still managed to achieve her dreams.  Picture: Laura Scottern
Sara Pollard didn't have a conventional education but has still managed to achieve her dreams. Picture: Laura Scottern
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Director of Free From Temptation Ltd, Sara Pollard says if you put in hard work and dedication you can achieve your dreams

Recently the nation’s young people have been going crazy over their GCSE exam results.

With many getting the grades they needed and others realising they didn’t do as well as they had hoped.

For my family those dreaded results days are a long way off, my daughter Chloe is only six years old.

When the day arrives for her to approach her exams, I want her to understand that whilst it is important to succeed in education, it’s also important to want to succeed in life.

I didn’t have the best experience of education, I left school six weeks into year 10 after being severely bullied.

I had endured horrific situations and was not in a good place.

I was given a place to attend a pupil referral unit in Cosham, going to this centre turned my life around, thanks to the wonderful people I met there who helped rebuild me as a person.

I learned to enjoy school again and made some great friends, many of whom are still are huge part of my life today.

I sat my GCSE’s in year 11 along with my peers from the centre. Amazingly I got two C’s three D’s and two E’s, which for me was fantastic but unfortunately, for the course I’d applied for, it meant I’d have to retake Maths to be accepted.

After putting my heart and soul into the first six months of the childcare course I had begun at college, I decided it wasn’t for me and threw myself into employment instead, which is what I have been doing tirelessly ever since.

The path I took may have been rather circuitous but I’m now an award-winning cake maker, I own my own company and have learned a great deal more from life, which I wouldn’t have learned had I stayed in mainstream education.

The point I’m hopefully trying to make is this: I may not have straight A’s under my belt, or any diplomas but after working very hard I still managed to achieve my dreams.

If you are ever in the position to have to make the same choice as me it doesn’t mean that’s the end for you, you just have to believe in yourself to get on the path that takes you where you want to be, even if that path may not be the one you originally envisaged.

n Sara Pollard is originally from Portsmouth and now lives in Fareham.

She is the award-winning director of Free From Temptation Ltd, in Napier Crescent, which specialises in gluten-free cake and fine confectionery.