Working towards a podium place in latest Clipper race

Greg Miller is the skipperof the Mission-Performance team
Greg Miller is the skipperof the Mission-Performance team
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The latest blog from Gosport sailor Greg Miller, skipper of the Mission-Performance, in the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race

It is day 12 of the second race in the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race from Rio de Janeiro to Cape Town, South Africa.

Twelve ocean-racing yachts left Gosport in August for the 40,000 nautical mile race.

Ocean Sprint done and unfortunately we are not in the points this time.

As I write this we are in third position as far as overall standing timings go, so we have to work extra hard to get that podium position into Cape Town.

I have had a few hours kip. We have got the heavyweight kite up, I went up and changed sheets, just to show them how it’s done, and I have been itching to get up there since the first peel back off Ushant so many weeks ago!

Then we peeled to the medium weight spinnaker, or ‘Apache’, which is flying nicely and pulling us along at decent speeds towards Cape Town, which is only 683 nautical miles away!

However, we do have the centre of a high pressure to get through before that can happen!

Send and we will deal!

We have round the world crew members Lavinia Darby and Gavin Reid on Mother Watch today and they are cooking up a storm.

My favourite bit is going to be the fresh apple and pear crumble with custard! Yum yum!

Crew member Sally Derrick adds: ‘To the usual call of are we nearly there yet? I can today say, ‘actually yes’, 680 nautical miles and counting. Three days or so and roll on Cape Town!

This leg was supposed to be short and relatively easy but has been anything but that.

Following a head first dive into my bunk on day one, watch one, I have been ‘crippled crew member two’.

Medical care on the boat is difficult in the dark in a storm so initially I was perturbed with Dr. Nigel’s diagnosis of ‘you might have dislocated your shoulder, take some painkillers stay in bed and we’ll get it fixed in Cape Town’.

Thankfully, I have regained most of the movement and so no longer need people to dress me in my kit before I clamber back onto deck.

In the real world ‘Gavin can you zip my trousers up?’, or ‘James can you pull me out of my top?’ would be inappropriate, but we seem to have left those boundaries somewhere near the English Channel!’

n Greg Miller’s sailing career began as a sea scout in Gosport. Between leaving secondary school and joining the British Army he worked as a sailing and water-sports instructor in Portsmouth.