World tunes in to watch eye surgery online

Dave Carter, from Gosport, on assignment for Sightsaves in Malawi
Dave Carter, from Gosport, on assignment for Sightsaves in Malawi
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FILMMAKER Dave Carter helped focus the eyes of the world on the plight of people with cataracts.

In a world first Mr Carter, a journalist, broadcast a cataract removal operation in Malawi yesterday.

Mr Carter, from Gosport, did the first of two broadcasts with his company Fieldcraft Studios from the south-east African country.

He said: ‘For this project we have built a portable satellite TV studio that fits inside a small flight case and uses the latest state of the art technology.’

Winesi March, 69, underwent the surgery, which was streamed live online.

He had bilateral cataracts and was completely blind.

Cataracts cause more than 50 per cent of blindness in the African nation.

The operation costs £30 and took just minutes to finish. On average they take around six to seven minutes.

Charity Sightsavers UK has paid for the training of medical staff and equipment in the country.

The broadcast told Winesi’s story and how an outreach worker had met him before he was brought to a hospital to receive the life-changing operation.

It was hosted by YouTube star Doug Armstrong.

Before the surgery, Winesi said: ‘If my wife was not around I’d struggle so much.

‘I’m unable to walk very far because I’m afraid I might fall down a ditch or tread on a snake.

‘I sit outside my house all day. If I want to move I have to feel my way around it with my hands.’

The surgery showed Winesi’s cataracts being removed by Dr Gerald Msukwa before lenses were replaced in his eyes.

The majority of his sight was due to return today – just 24 hours after the surgery was completed.

It comes as Sightsavers is running its A Million Miracles appeal and wants people to donate to help remove cataracts.

Watch the second live broadcast today at 1.30pm on