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Irecently had a flashback to when I was a child. I was taken back to when I was about eight or nine and I was in the living room of our home.

I was watching TV and I suddenly turned around and noticed my sister, who was about three, had been creative and drawn a picture which she looked very proud of.

To be honest I couldn’t quite make out what the picture was supposed to be, it was just a colourful mess of lines, shapes and scribbles, like most drawings by three-year-olds.

But there was a big problem.

This drawing was not on a piece of A4 paper or in one of her many colouring books.

Instead she had chosen the newly-painted living room wall for her colourful creation.

I think this piece of family drama happened in the summer because I remember warm sunshine flooding into the room which made the walls look brighter than they normally did and in turn making the drawing noticeable as soon as anyone entered the room.

It wasn’t long before our dad arrived home from work and of course spotted the strange piece of art immediately.

From that moment on my sister knew that crayons and walls were not supposed to make contact. Dad told her in a stern and authoritative way not to do it again and as far as I’m aware she never did.

Well, just last week history repeated itself. My four-year-old daughter Alyssa has many colouring books which are full of various pictures ready to be made colourful.

But it seems Alyssa has outgrown the books that have entertained children for generations and wants to move on to something bigger.

Namely her bedroom wall.

Maybe she thought her bedroom could do with a new look or maybe she just fancied a change, who knows?

But strangely I was a little bit proud. For instead of a colourful splodge of colour on her bedroom wall was her name, written over and over again.

Her mum and I had been teaching her how to write it and encouraged her to practice. Of course, we didn’t think she’d use her bedroom wall.

Just like my dad did with my sister I made clear to her that walls weren’t the place for writing.

One thing I can’t recall is how you remove crayon and felt tip off walls. So far we’ve tried everything including wet wipes and hot water and washing up liquid.

But Alyssa took it upon herself to cover it up with another creation.Thankfully this time on A4 paper and stuck up with Blu-Tack.