Yes, I have some bananas – and they’re black

Banana cake
Banana cake
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I normally have a bunch of bananas in the kitchen with the intention of eating them before going out on my big Sunday bike ride. Apparently they are full of slow releasing carbohydrates giving you extra energy.

Of course, Saturday night is busy in the restaurant and we finish in the early hours meaning I tend to oversleep and have to rush about in the morning getting the bike and kit ready. Inevitably those bananas stay in the kitchen and I miss the power boost I was hoping for.

I prefer to eat bananas slightly green; ones that are firm. So once I’ve missed eating them on the morning before a ride they tend to lose their appeal. After a couple of days they start to go black and it’s at this stage, instead of throwing them away, I can make a great cake to take on the following Sunday’s ride. All I have to do is remember to stuff it in my jersey pocket.

This moist sponge works well to give me that extra energy on a long ride and if I do forget to put it in my pocket I’ve got something to look forward to on my return.



225g soft brown sugar

170g butter

225g self-raising flour

2 bananas

Dessertspoon black treacle

3 eggs


1. Line a 20cm cake tin with greaseproof paper and set the oven to 160c/gas4

2. Mash one banana into the brown sugar and beat in the sugar and treacle.

3. Add a little flour and beat in one egg.

4. Repeat this process until all the eggs and flour are incorporated.

5. Carefully chop the other banana and mix in.

6. Cook for 45 to 55 minutes in your pre-heated oven.

7. Check with a sharp knife which will come out clean from the cake. If it does not, cook for a further five to 10 minutes.