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IN the sea of blue yesterday, a single splash of pink shone out in remembrance of a little girl who died of cancer.

Almost 180 blue balloons were launched to mark Blue Day yesterday at Front Lawn Junior School in Havant, but there was one that was different in honour of pupil Chloe Challoner.

Chloe Challoner

Chloe Challoner

It was a poignant and emotional reminder of why Blue Day is held each year.

Chloe died, aged 10, in January of osteosarcoma, – the same type of bone cancer that claimed the life of Tom Prince.

Staff at Front Lawn Junior School organised a range of events to mark Blue Day, which they have supported since it began in 2008.

It raises money for the Tom Prince Cancer Trust to fund research into Osteosarcoma.

As well as a cake sale and the blue clothing, the school organised a talent show and the balloon launch.

Chloe’s classmates also paid tribute to her in front of her dad Jamie Giblen, brother Connor and sister Holly.

They said: ‘Chloe, you are forever in our hearts.

‘We will always remember you, it was a great two years full of smiles with you, you’re still with us in our hearts.

‘We know you are looking down on us and we will make you proud.

‘You are a princess who will always be in our hearts.’

The school is so dedicated to supporting Blue Day to raise money for the Tom Prince Cancer Trust that it refused to cancel its events yesterday, despite an Ofsted inspector being on site.

Teaching assistant Chris Kettle, who was part of the team which put on yesterday’s events at the school, said: ‘We are planning to release a pink balloon for Chloe every year now.

‘Everyone loved her, and she always had a smile. Illness didn’t stop her being cheerful.’

Her dad Jamie added: ‘Last Blue Day, even though she was going through chemotherapy, Chloe wanted to go to school to help raise money.

‘We’re now looking to do a ‘pink day’, on the anniversary of the day she died, January 20, and organise a prom.

‘That’s what Chloe would have wanted.’