You'll be hooked on this special place

John Wearn is a founder of Southsea Marina Disabled Angling Club. Here he praises Hambrook Lake and its manager Terry Watson.

Monday, 3rd October 2016, 6:06 am
Updated Wednesday, 5th October 2016, 2:18 pm
Hambrook Lake 

Picture: Roy Smith
Hambrook Lake Picture: Roy Smith

Ask anglers or the public at large if they have visited Hambrook Lake and you will get a puzzled response.

Most will say they had no idea such a place existed.

This is a surprise to me as it’s so easy to find, close to the A259 coast road and a short in-country journey from Nutbourne.

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Located in Priors Leaze Lane, Hambrook, close to Emsworth, this privately-owned lake in beautiful countryside is a place to chill out while soaking up its ambience.

It’s a relaxing time away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, where everyone’s welcomed – amateur and professional anglers alike, organisations or members-only syndicates.

The lake is cared for by Terry Watson, who knows every inch of this exceptional venue.

He’s a popular, friendly man ready to assist with problems and takes pride in his responsibilities.

The lake holds carp, mirrors, tench, crucians, bream, roach, perch and is also noted for good fighting koi carp hybrids.

It has running water from the South Downs, with varying depths and three islands, deep holes and gravel bars.

All baits, boilies and setups work well but only barbless hooks are allowed.

Terry lets clubs hold competitions and night fishing is available with permission.

This perfectly-maintained location is fully stocked but since joining two lakes, doubling its size, additional fish stocks have been introduced.

The last was in November 2015, adding 130 commons and 16 mirrors.

But before their inclusion it already held carp, some more than 23lbs.

Terry is providing a dipping basin safe.

Dipping all landing/weighing nets and mats helps prevent widespread contamination.

This kills bacteria, avoiding any transference of diseases from lake to humans.

This stunning location is unequalled for those with disabilities.

It has modern toilets with ramps for wheelchairs and shower facilities, all incorporated within its modern building.

The entrance and exit driveway leads to a car park and barbecue area with security cameras.

It is a very special place (excuse the pun) indeed and you’re sure to be well and truly hooked once you have visited.