Young marines on parade

There was a time when you would see young lads dressed as Royal Marines marching through the streets of Eastney making their way to the Royal Marines Barracks.

Sunday, 10th April 2016, 6:00 am
Cadet Drum Major BL Durant in 1961.

They were members of the Royal Marines Volunteer Boys’ Corp.

They were originally known, when formed in 1901, as the Royal Marines Artillery Cadet Corp and re-titled the Royal Marines Volunteer Cadet Corp.

The corp was first formed in the now-closed Eastney Barracks to give senior NCOs something to do in their spare time.

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Cadet RSM J Legg in 1961.

Other units were soon formed in Chatham and Deal, Kent, Gosport, Hampshire and Stonehouse, Plymouth.

There are now only three units, or divisions: Portsmouth, Lympstone and Plymouth. The Portsmouth Division parades at HMS Excellent, Whale Island.

Sadly, because of the way of the world, the lads can no longer walk the streets in full uniform like these two 14-year-olds from 1961. I wonder if they still live locally?

Cadet RSM J Legg in 1961.