Young rapper joins scores of fans to get behind city’s bid

Chloe Hine, 15, from Havant with Pompey's mascot Nelson at the bid to win Portsmouth the City of Football title
Chloe Hine, 15, from Havant with Pompey's mascot Nelson at the bid to win Portsmouth the City of Football title
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TEENAGER Chloe ‘Karrera’ Hine found a unique way of supporting the City of Football bid.

The 15-year-old, from Havant, wrote a rap song called Play More Pompey and sang it with Portsmouth’s Lord Mayor Councillor Steven Wylie.

The snappy performance was shown on the Guildhall Square big screen as representatives from Sport England visited yesterday afternoon.

Chloe said: ‘I wrote this to show people that youth are involved just as much as everybody else. We’re a city that lives and breathes football.’

Current Pompey squad members including Johnny Ertl, Ben Close and Nigel Atangana joined past players such as Mark Kelly and Alan Knight to mingle with fans and throw their weight behind the bid.

Pompey fan John Westwood, 51, of Petersfield, was also there to show his colours.

He said: ‘Football has such an influence on people’s lives, and Pompey has always been a community club that embraces everything great about football.’

Alan Scott, 69, of Old Portsmouth, was also there in his Pompey blue.

Mr Scott takes part in ‘walking football’ matches with fellow seniors every week at the Charles Dickens Community Centre.

He said football benefitted people at many levels and winning the bid would be tremendous for Portsmouth.

He said: ‘It would be excellent for the city. We’re a football city and this would be a great opportunity to bring a lot of people into the game.’

Earlier in the day the Sport England group visited HMS Victory, at Portsmouth’s Historic Dockyard, to experience the city’s strong naval history.

They were given a quick tour before finishing on the poop deck.

For the Captain of HMS Victory, Lieutenant Commander Rod Strathern, it was great to have Victory feature as part of the bid.

He said: ‘HMS Victory is a symbol of Portsmouth. If you want to represent Portsmouth there is no better place to come than onboard HMS Victory.

‘To be able to show the relationship between the Royal Navy and Portsmouth and help the city win the City of Football title is great.

‘It is wonderful that we could offer HMS Victory as a place for the Sport England delegates to come and support the city in this way.’